Userkare in Egyptian
2291 - 2289 BC Reign: 3 years
Userkare is present with his name in a cartouche in the Abydos list (picture left) at position number 35 as the second ruler of the sixth dynasty.
The Turin Canon has an empty row making space for his name at just the same place - between the Kings Teti and Pepy I.
Manetho is for some reason very brief in his notes of dynasty six with only five pharaohs noted and has not mentioned Userkare at all in his book dis-cribing the Egyptian history.
Userkare may have been a candidate put forward by some members of the royal court or otherwise manoeuvring himself to office without being re- lated to the royal bloodline.
His reign was obviously very short and there are a few contemporary records telling about his deeds and no tomb of his (like the usual pyramid com- plex during this era) has been found. It's doubtful if there ever was a tomb of such structure of his.
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