Unas also spelt
Wenis, Unis
Jaunnos in Greek
c. 2356 - 2323 BC Reign: 33 years
The origin of king Unas is uncertain (as others du- ring this fifth dynasty) and he was probably not a son of king Djedkare.
The relationship to his successors is also a mystery as is the order of his two queens and the names of their children. The Royal Canon of Turin gives him a reign of at least 30 years and Manetho says 33. His name within a cartouche (in picture left) from the Abydos list, place him as number 33 and the last king of the fifth dynasty. His sign with the desert hare (personification of the goddess Unut) is unique and was never again used by a pharaoh. His name has been found from Aswan in the south to Byblos in Syria, but despite his long reign and preserved pyramid remarkably little is known about him and the events during his reign.
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