Mastaba Beit Khallaf, Bet Challaf
Words from the author.

My first knowledge of the mastaba tomb K1 at Beit Khallaf was given to me through a thin book I once found at the University Library in my home town. It was a description of its exca- vation in 1900-1902 which just gave the basic facts of the monument but this was enough to awake my curiosity and trigger my fantasy. What bewildered me was how such a great build- ing could be practically unknown to the public and not mentioned at all in guide books and brochures on Egypt, but I soon found out the main reason for this - its remote location.
Sightseeing tours to this place is hardly a first priority for travel agencies and this is under- standable with all pyramids and temples in convenient places for tourists to visit.
Furthermore - it has no spectacular reliefs, paintings and statues of gods and pharaohs by which most tourists are drawn to visit Egypt. It can only draw attention by its size, and even in this aspect it's exceeded greatly by the pyramids.
What is left as a group of target might be just a small flock of enthusiasts interested in the oldest parts of Egyptian history and its architecture made of masonry of sun dried mud.
Until now the number of pictures have been very few on the Internet - just four! This fact is now adjusted through this article where 32 photographs give a new and much better view of this remakable monument.
My intention has been to give general information more than a load of scientific facts and I wish all visitors a pleasant reading.

Gothenburg  Sweden
28 December 2006

   Ottar Vendel