Mastaba Beit Khallaf

Beit Khallaf is a small village 10 km west of Girga in Middle Egypt and outside stand the brick mastabas K1 and K2 from the third dynasty (2650-2375 BC). K1 (the biggest) has produced remnants from king Djoser and was investigated in 1900-1902 by the English archaeologist John Garstang. Its huge measurements are: 86 x 45 x 9 (11) m. The foundation is hard stone gravel with a substructure going down 19 meters below ground surface. A two meter thick outer wall holds the filling with sand and stone and huge brickwork are made around pits and corners. In the grave chamber was found some bones of a man and hundreds of offering vessels etc. were found in the under- ground chambers and stairway (picture below) which was blocked with masonry. Modern archaeology methods can surely give new facts from this unique monument.