The Chronicle of Manetho

Manetho was an Egyptian priest who made a work (all in Greek) over the Egyptian history in the 200s BC. All that is left are transcriptions made by Christian historians like, Africanus (300s AD) and Eusebius (3-400s AD). Copiers' mistakes and only Greek names reduces the historical value.

ruler's name

Flavius /


Vth Dynasty
Ouserxerhs Usercheres 28 -
SefrhV Sephres 13 -
NeferxerhV Nepherchres 20 -
SisirhV Sisires 7 -
XerhV Cheres 20 -
RaqourhV Rathures 44 -
MenxerhV Mencheres 9 -
TanxerhV Tancheres 44 -
OnnoV Onnos 33 -