Antef III in Egyptian also
Intef, Inyotef
 Lower four hieroglyphs: the king's personal name: Antef 2069 - 2061 BC Reign: 8 years

Antef III (Nakhtnebtepnefer) was the third king of the 11th Dynasty. He ruled from Thebes and though he is not present by name in the Royal Canon of Turin there is a row with the figure for eight year that fits his position in the line of kings.
He kept all the regions that his predecessors left for him to rule and defended the Asyut region in Middle Egypt from military assaults generated by the northern rulers in Herkleopolis.
His name has also been found inscribed in the moun- tains of Silsileh at Kom Ombo 65 km north of Aswan.
One of his consorts was named Aoh (or Iah) and was the mother to his heir and oldest(?) son, the king to be Montuhotep II, who married one of his half sisters called Neferu. His name Antef is shown in hieroglyphs left (the four signs at the bottom). The duck and the sun disc at the top is the title "Son of Re".

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