Mentuhotep IV in Egyptian
1998 - 1991 BC Reign: 7 years

The last king of the eleventh dynasty is very little known about and official records have not survived. The Egyptians maybe considered him insignificant because his name does not appear in any king lists made a couple of hundreds years later. In the frag- mentary Royal canon of Turin there is a seven year period at the end of the dynasty with no monarch listed, and this can be the place for Mentuhotep IV.
His personal nomen Mentuhotep within the cartou- che in the picture left means "(the god) Mentu is satisfied".
His vizier and governor for the south of Egypt was a man named Amenemhet and it's likely that he was the same person as the next king to be. He may also have kicked out Mentuhotep from office and made himself Pharaoh, but no evidence can back up this theory though it seems plusible.
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