Amenemhet I also spelt
 Amenemhet I shown as a young handsome man

Amenemes I  in Greek
1991 - 1962 BC Reign: 29 years
Amenemhet was vizier and military commander under king Mentuhotep III and came to power by a coup. He was probably not a member of the royal family. During his first year in office he stabilised the country and silenced opponents in the North.
He started the state-cult of Amon and adopted his name in his personal nomen.
He took military actions against nomads in southern Palestine and after twenty years in office he app- ointed his (probably oldest) son named Senwosret to become his co-regent.
Amenemhet chose the location Lisht close to the new capital for his tomb and built a small pyramid where also his closest members of his family were buried. Picture left: his throne name Sehetepibre, meaning - "Satisfied is the Heart of Re".
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