Amenemhet III also spelt
 King Amenemhet III as a sphinx

Amenemes III  in Greek
1841 - 1797 BC Reign: 44 years
Amenemhet III was the son of Senwosret III and the last great ruler of the Middle Kingdom.
His first queen was probably Aat who was buried inside his pyramid at Dahshur, the first of its kind.
It's quite possible, but not proved, that he was father of the two regents to be - Amenemhet IV and queen Sobeknefru. He followed his father's policy and took great interest in the agricultural devel- opments in the Faiyum where new land for cult- ivating constantly was gained and irrigated by an expanding system.
In over forty years he worked the mines at Sinai and continued to develop the central administra- tion. Picture bottom left: his throne name Ni-Mat-Re within a cartouche and meaning - "Belonging to the Justice of Re".
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