Amenemhet IV also spelt
 Throne name of king Amenemhet IV: Maakherure
Amenemes IV  in Greek
1797 - 1787 BC Reign: 10 years
Amenemhet IV was the seventh king of the 12th dynasty and probably the son of Amenemhet III. Due to his fatherís long reign, he was probably more than middle aged when he entered office. He seems not to have had a male heir and was succeeded by his half sister (and most likely wife) Sobeknefru. Few of his monuments have survived, and little is known about the events during his reign.
According to historian Manetho he ruled for only 8 years, and the Royal Canon of Turin gives him 9 years and 4 months.
This short reign is also confirmed indirect through few contemporary remains and indicates that he was an old man when he became pharaoh.
Picture left: his throne name Maa-kheru-Re within a cartouche meaning - "True is the Voice of Re".
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