Sobeknefrure also spelt
Sebekneferure, Neferusobek
 Throne name of queen Sebekneferure
Skemiophris?  in Greek
1787 - 1783 BC Reign: 4 years
Sobeknefrure was the queen of Amenemhet IV who possibly also was her brother and when he died she became the ruling pharaoh.
There are very few records from her short reign that have survived but some damaged statues have been found in the delta and she extended the so called Labyrinth of Amenemhet III by his pyramid at Hawara by the entrance to the Faiyum basin.
This pharaoh might also have been her father.
She had a very brief reign of about four years and can possibly be the builder of a pyramid at Masghu- na where also her husband may rest in a similar monument.
Picture left: the queen's throne name Sobek-nefer-u-re within a cartouche and meaning - "Sobek is (like) the beautiful Re".
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