Senwosret I also spelt
 Stone statue of a young Senwosret I, from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo
 Throne name of Senwosret I - Kheper ka Re
Sesostris I  in Greek
1962 - 1926 BC Reign: 37 years
 Head from a wooden statue of the king from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
The birth name Senwosret, worn by four king of the 12th dynasty, means "The Man (son) of Wosret".
Senwosret I came to power in a swift way when his father king Amenemhet was murdered in a palace plot, which was a very rare occation in Egy- ptian history. By that time he was probably in his mid twenties. The politics seems not to have been changed and he secured the country like his father by guarding the south border with fortresses and watching the mobile Libyan tribes in the north- west. Expeditions brought back valuable minerals and for the first time the oases in the western de- sert were explored. Left: his throne name meaning - "The Soul of Re Comes into Being".
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