Senwosret II also spelt
 The only statue known of king Senwosret II

Sesostris II  in Greek
1992 - 1978 BC Reign: 14 years
Senwosret II had a reign that's disputable in length and the opinions vary from five years to almost twenty. Nevertheless his reign is considered to have been peaceful and no military actions are recorded during his time in office, (though some probably took place).
In the picture left he is seen with the typical broad cheekbones that was running in his family together with the old fashion way of making the ears stan- ding out and large. For some reason he left the region around Lisht and Dahshur and built his pyramid 50 km to the south at Lahun close to the Faiyum basin, where he continued large irrigation projects begun by his father.
Picture bottom left: his throne name within a car- touche and meaning - " Re Comes into Being".
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