Senwosret III also spelt
 Statue of king Senwosret III as a young man

Sesostris III  in Greek
1978 - 1941 BC Reign: 37 years
Senwosret III is probably the best known king from this dynasty and seen in many statues, reliefs etc.
They show a man with an arrogant look, broad cheek bones, dropping down corners of the mouth and a total impression of "world-weariness".
It can also be interpreted as showing his serious- ness regarding the execution of his high office.
The historian Manetho describes him as a great warrior and also tells that he was a tall man reach- ing two meters above the ground.
We know that he pushed the Egyptian border all the way down to the third cataract at Semna where he built the southernmost of many fortresses.
In the picture bottom left: his throne name Kha-kau-Re within a cartouche and meaning - "The souls of Re are Appearing".
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