King Tut's Wardrobe on World Tour
Since late 1999 exact duplicates of the best garments from King Tutankhamun's tomb have been touring the world. They are all made at the Swedish Textile Academy in Borås in a weaving and coloring technique exactly as used 3,200 years ago. At present (April 2010) it's in storage in the town of Borås, which is the owner. Talks with US museums for a tour has been taking place but so far nothing is decided. If it is, the plan will be published here, so be connected!

The fine colors can now be seen just as they once were and much better looking than the bleach ones found in his tomb. Observing the great patterns and way the Egyptian weavers made their work one cannot escape being deeply impressed by their excellent crafts- manship.
For those interested in weaving this exhi- bition is a source of further knowledge and inspiration.


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