IS 8
Object 266
Heavy tank
Weight: 50 tons
Length: 9,72 m
Width: 3.39 m
Height: 2,46 m
Armour: 120-200 mm
Gun: 122 mm
Mach. guns: 2x12,7 mm
Engine: 700 hps
Crew: 4
Speed: 42 km/h

This heavy tank was a prototype in the IS-series called IS 8 or Object # 266. Developed in Leningrad design office under Z.J.Kotina's management. It had a one-line hydromechanical transmission, a planetary box of transfers with two degrees of freedom, two-level planetary mechanisms of turn, disk stopping brakes and automatics of switching of transfers. It was made in one single copy still intact in the Kubinka Armour Museum outside Moscow.
IS 8 photo