IS 3
2.311 units
Heavy tank
Weight: 46-49 tons
Length: 9,96/6,75 m
Width: 3,2 m
Height: 2,93 m
Armour: 60-230 mm
Gun: 122 mm
Engine: 12/520 hps
Speed: 40 km/h
Crew: 4
Range: 150 km

By the end of 1944 IS-2 was developed an improved into the model IS-3. Thicker armour but did not weigh more. Automatic smokethrowers. "Mother" of modern tank designs. If the IS-3 reached frontal units in 1945 is questionable. Modernised (M-version) until 1952 due to engine troubles and out of service at the end of the 1950s. Its well-designed turret made it harder to knock out. The frontal plate had no openings for visors, and the driver was seated directly below the turret. A handful were exported to Egypt, Czechoslovakia and Poland. Its ickname: "Pike" due to its sharp pointer front.