Weight: 68 tons
Height: 2395 mm
Armour: 150-350mm
Gun: 130 mm
Storage: 30 shells
Autoguns: (4)14,5mm
Engine: 12/1050 hps
Speed: 59 km/h
Range: 300 km
Crew: 5

This tank (Object 260) in the IS (Iosef Stalin) serie looked like a wood louse with a snable. Probably the heaviest tank suggested to be in Russian service. It had seven wheels instead of the other IS tanks' six. The front was designed like that of IS 3. Machine guns in hull (3 with 400 cartridges each) had remote fire control and the one on top of the turret (with 2500 cartridges) was mainly for anti aircraft fire. Armour in the turret's front was 350 mm, and in bottom only 20 mm. Fuel accomodation was bad. Diesel oil in 14 rubber tanks to the capacity 800 litres, plus 6 tanks outside in metal bunkers on boards. The construction was not accepted by the army.
IS 7 photos