KV 85
130 units
Heavy tank
Weight: 38 tons
Length total: 14,4 m
Length hull: 3,38 m
Heigth: 2,75 m
Width: 4,6 m
Armour: 38 mm
Gun: 38 mm
Engine: 1200 hps
Speed: 54 km/h

In the mid 1943 the KV-1 was refitted with a new type of cast turret and a new 85 mm gun. It was named KV-85. The crew was reduced to four men - commander, gunner, driver and loader.
It could carry an ammoload of 70 shells. The turret was fitted with a commanders cupola. Turret design was later adopted by some T-34/85s. It countered the German Tiger VI and Panther V and all units were used up during the winter of 1943/1944.

KV 85 drawing