T 111

Medium tank

Weight: 28 tons
Length: m
Width: m
Armour: 60 mm
Gun: 45 mm
Engine: 300 hps
Speed: 30 km/h
Crew: 4

The T-111, also called T-46-5, was an improved BT-IS. This vehicle appeared in March 1937, and Alexander Morozov was the designer of it. With 60 mm thick armour plates in the front, this was going to do the T-111 immobile against 37 mm AT-guns, and also against 76 mm AT-guns on ranges above 1.200 yards. This vehicle weighed 28 tons and used a dieselengine with 300 hp. This resulted in a maximum speed of 30 km/h. The armament: a 45 mm antitank-gun, two machine- guns, of which the first one was co-axially mounted with the gun, and the second one fitted in the rear turret. The crew consisted of 4. Some tanks (with a bigger gun then shown above) were captured by the Finns during the Winter War 1939-40.