T 12
Medium tank

Weight: 14.7-15.6 tons
Length: 6.29 m
Width: 2.81 m
Height: 2.95 m
Armour: - mm
Gun: - mm
Engine: - hps
Crew: 4, Speed:?

The assignment to enginers to construct a new tank was given in 1927. The management of the project was carried out by a S.Shukalov with the chief designer V.Zaslavski. Leader of the group of engine and mechanic sector was A.Mikulin. The project of the tank with the label "T-1-12" was authorized in June 1928 and the assembly work begun on October 13 the same year. For simplification and cost reasons the hull of the tank was made of simple second class steel. The number of units produced is not known but it's reasonable to believe that it was quite a small figure.