T 14
to come

Medium tank

Weight: 48 tons
Length: 10,8/8,6 m
Height: 3,3 m
Width: 3.5 m
Armour: 20-170 mm?
Gun: 122 mm
Engine: diesel/1200 hps, 6 band wheels
Speed: ? km/h
Range: 500 km
Crew: 3

T-14 Armata is the latest model och Russian tanks and featured with new modern techinicalc details. It is the first tank in the world to have a turret without a crew. The crew is shielded within a 100 mm thick capsul inside the hull (see drawing thru link at the bottom). I has around 40 granades lauched tru a automatick loadin system and the killing range is extensive: for armoured targets- 3 km. Helicopters - 10 km and other vehicles and troops 12 km, which is far better than western tanks of today (2017). It has infrared detection for distance measure ans d incoming robots etc. plus reactive emement and small "robots" hitting and destroying aproaching objekts. In 2016 were shown 30 prototypes in the annual parade at the Red Square in Moscow. It shall replace older models and a serial production is planned to start in 2017-2018.

T-14 drawing