T 16
Light tank

Weight: 5.05 tons
Length: 4.35m
Width: 1.8 m
Heigth: 2.14 m
Armour: mm
Crew: 2
Gun: mm
Engine: hps
Speed: km/h

This first all Russian tank was developed in 1925. The project was recognized in September 1926. The special engine was developed by a A Mikulin, transmission - V Zaslavskij, the sus-pension was projected by a team under I Magdesiev. A group of units were constructed and passed the tests in March 1927, but they were not accepted for service (serial production). They were transferred to the Leningrad District as vehicles for educational purposes.
At least two units have survived (in the Parola Museum in Finland and Kubinka Museum outside Moscow). T-16 was last mention about in the summer of 1933.             T16 drawing