T 19
Light tank

Weight: 7.20-8.10 tons
Length: 4.50 m
Width: 2.30 m
Height: 2.18 m
Crew: 3
Armour: - mm
Gun: - mm
Speed: - km/h
Developed in early 1929 and ordered to be produced in the mid of September the same year. The task on T-19 was very inconsistent. The tank should have weight no more than 7 tons, had good armouring, strong fire power, high speed and mobil-ity. The drawback was its price, which didn't allow production of 7000 units in two years as planned. After getting a Soviet version of Great Britain's "Vickers 6-ton" (T 26), the work was stopped. The British tank had lower battle characteristics, but it was cheaper and accepted by the Red Army.