T 26
3.582 units
Light tank

T-26 m/1937 data:
Weight: c. 6 tons
Length: m
Armour: 13-15 mm
Gun: 37-45 mm
Engine: 95 hps
Speed: 30 km/h
Range: 129/240 km

The T-26 light tank was the Soviet version of the Vickers 6-ton tank. The m/1931 had twin 7.62 mm machine gun turrets. The final model, T-26S had a 45 mm gun. It had many conversions. First seeing action in the Spanish Civil War, the T-26 then continued in the "Winter War" against Finland in 1939-1940. Few survived the first years of the war in 1941 when a number of 3.436 ordinary vehicles were in service plus 126 units with flame throwers. The production was in Stalin- and Leningrad.

T-26 drawing