T 27
2.540 units
Light tank

Weight: 1.5 tons
Length: 2.45m
Heigt: 1.22 m
Width: 1.75m
Crew: 2
Armour: 9 mm
Gun: 0.303/0.5 mm
Engine: 40 hps
Speed: 40 km/h (road)

In the first two years of the 1930s the Russians bought a small number of the Carden-Loyd tankettes from the UK. It became the T-27 tank. It was licenced built and quickly entered pro- duction. Basically three models were built. The first was a slightly changed British version (the facts left). The two other models were (A/1932) and (B/1933). The working space was extremely poor, with a cramped fighting compartment for the soldiers, and the heat therein beeing almost unbearable. It was used as support of infantry when attacking over plain ground and at the start of the war 38 vehicles were still in service. Their action in combat (if any) is not known to the author.