T 32
(M II)
Production unknown
Heavy tank

Weight: ~28 tons
Length: m
Width: m
Armour: mm
Guns: one 76,2 mm
two 37,0 mm
two machineguns
Engine: ~500 hps
Speed: ~35 km/h
Crew: 6+

The first heavy tank in the Red Army was the T-32, also called M-II. It appeard in 1930-31 and was inspired by the brittish A-1 "Independent". The interior arrangement was identical to that in the T-28. It had 5 turrets mounting a 76.2mm gun, two smaller sub-turrets mounting 37 mm antitank-guns, and two additional turrets with machineguns. The chassis was both riveted and welded. With the great firepower and the thick armourplates made it possible for the T-32 to attack heavily defended areas with pillboxes, with help from the infantry, attacking behind the vehicle.
It should not be confused with the T-32 from the late 1930s.