T 34
34.780 units

Medium tank

Weight: 30.9 tons
Length: 6.75 m
Width: 3.30 m
Height: 2.6 m
Armour: 20-70 mm
Gun: 76.2 mm
Engine: 12/500 hps
Speed: 55 km/h

In 1943 a cupola was put upon the turret, helping the comman- der's ability to lead the combat. This increaed the height by 15 cm and the hull was also made 7 cm longer. Supply of rubber was better and tanks without mixed types of wheels were common (see picture). The turret's armour was now 60 mm increasing the weight by 2,5 tons. This model is the strongest candidate to be the number one tank of all times concidering the three mayor tank abilities: armour protection, mobility, speed and firepower. In the year 2000 one tank was drawn up from a swamp in Estonia where it had been at the bottom for 57 years. The wheels and and band were still able to roll! That's quality! Take a look at it   here. The movie at YouTube through typing: "T34 rising from the dead".