T 38
1.356 units
Light tank

Weight: 3.78 tons
Length: 3.78 m
Width: 2.33 m
Height: 1.65 m
Crew: 2
Armour: 4-9 mm
Gun: 7.62 mm
Engine: 70 hps
Speed (road): 42 km/h

This machine closely resembled the original T-37 but with improvements in the hull arrangement and transmission. The T-38 had new final drives in place of the automobile differential, and a better steering system. A new improved suspension system with wider tracks increased the performance across marshy ground, and the Russians later stated that they have found this machine much more maneuverable than the earlier T-37 models. The prototype model had another lower, fixed turret for the driver situated to the right of the main one. The T-38M had a radio.

T 38 drawing