T 44
905+ units
Medium tank

Weight: 35 tons
Length total: 7,65 m
Width: 3,18 m
Crew: 4
Armour: 30-120 mm
Gun: 85 mm
Motor: 500 hps
Speed: 51 km/h

Based upon the T-34/85 the T-44 appeared in 1944. The low design was revolutionary and its new transversial transmission. Early machines proved to be unreliable. Production: 1944 - 25, 1945 - 800. It saw limited front service in the war, and major production order was given in 1946. It was used only by the Soviet Army, and its combat record from the war is largely uncovered. They remained serving as training vehicles for recruits until 1963. The T-44 had the ID-mark: (like the followers T-54/55) a big gap between the first two wheels.

T 44 drawing