T 50
63 (48) units
Light tank
Weight: 14.5 tons
Length: 5,2 m
Height: 1,65m
Width: 2,45 m
Armour: 35 mm
Crew: 4
Gun: 45 mm/150 shells
Machineguns: 7,62mm
Engine: 300 hps
Speed : 52 km/h

The T-26 was replaced in the late 1930s by the T-50. Its armour thickness was the same all around the vehicle, with a fairly effective result for a ligth tank. It was the first light tank made with turret made of a cast steel and fitted with a heavy mantlet. Parts of its chassis and the turret design was very alike the coming T-34. In was prooved to be very good in combat, but the manufacuring was complicated and expensive and the production of 63 (48 armed) units ended in early 1942.

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