T 62
+ 12.000 units

Medium tank

Weight: 40-41 tons
Length: 9,33/6,63 m
Height: 2,4 m
Width: 3.35 m
Armour: 20-170 mm
Gun: 115 mm
Engine: 12 cyl/580 hps
Speed: 46 km/h
Range: 450 km
Crew: 4

T-62 came in 1963 and was the Eastern Block's main tank weapon in the 1960s. Very like T-54/55 with a slightly broader and wider hull. The rounded turret has two hatches like the models before. The main gun had a gas-ejector in the middle and the wheels were even divided. It has an increased speed of firing (one shell every fifteen seconds) compared to the forerunners and a rocket-launching feature from the gun for anti-tank purposes.
T-62 was a very relyable and robust combat vehicle without sophisticated abilities and was exported widely and still in duty in some places in year 2000. Out of service in the USSR in 1980.

T 62 drawing