T 64
8000+ units

Medium tank

Weight: 38 - 41 tons
Length: 9,02/6,40 m
Width: 3,38 m
Armour: 33 mm
Gun: 125 mm
Engine: 12/780 hps
Speed: 75 km/h
Crew: 3
Range: 500 km
ABC protection
Diving capability

T 64 was a tank ahead of its time. It had improvements conside- ring the transmission, was more mobile and had a lower silhou- ette than T-62. Standard equipment: Snorkel, night vision and fire detection. Besides reactive additional armour at the sides it had an automatic loading system for the gun (first in the world) which made the crew member "the loader" superfluous and re- duced the crew to three men: chief, driver and gunner.
It was produced for four years and had initially technical prob- lems and was used solely in the USSR. Having sorted out the problems during the production engineers developed it into the next tank in the series a decade later: the T-80.
T 64 drawing