T 72
at least 8.000 units
Hevy tank

Weight: 44,5 tons
Length total: 14,4 m
Length hull: 7.00 m
Width: 3.60 m
Armour: - 780 mm
Gun: 125 mm
Crew: 3
Engine: 840 hps
Speed: 60/45 km/h

Manufacuring of the T-72 started in 1971 and it was mass-produced from 1978 in many models and in four coutries outside the Soviet Union. It has features like ABC-pro- tection, infrared distance measure etc. and differs from T-64 in outer design mainly in its six big wheels. The latest mo- del was even better armoured than the contemporary T-80U and a forerunner to the T-90. Different types of T-72 is the most common tank in the Russian army and with the financial situation (2002) it will likely remain so for a good time to come. This tank is by many concidered to be the most beutiful of all with fine proportions and general looks.

T 72 drawing and photo