T 94
Medium tank

Weight: 41,3 tons
Length: m
Width: m
Height: m
Armour: 125+ mm
Gun: 125 mm
Engine: gasturbine
Speed: - km/h
Tank: 1200 l
Crew: 3

The T-94/95 was first seen in the Ukraine in 1996. The long, low chassis looked like rumours and pictures taken secretly had indicated with a few exterior differences. (See drawing at bottom). On top of the hull is a casemate "turret" with a revolving automatic loading system for the 125 mm gun (a smaller calibre than expected). The crew is housed in the front of the hull, with the gunner operating through a TV camera. It is equipped with the Shtora-1 counter/measuring system for an exact distance to the target. Most vehicles are fitted with the Arena reactive armour system, ABC-protection and a coaxial machine gun. In 2010 the Russian Ministry of Defence said that the model was scrapped and instead uppgrading of T-90 should have priority.
T 94/95 drawing