Mer-Neith also spelt

Mer-Neith was a woman, and opinions vary weather she was a ruling pharaoh or not.
She was the mother of king Den and thus wife and widow of king Djet. She likely ruled the country until their son Den was old enough to take office himself. Her name states origin from Lower Egypt whose patroness' name Neith she wore. Her tomb was found at the royal cemetery in Abydos in 1900 by the English archaeologist Flinders Petrie, and it was surrounded by side burials of sacrificed(?) ser- vants just like the tombs of other kings from the first dynasty only.
A stela made of stone bearing her emblem was found on the spot. It once had been erected beside the tomb at an offering place. Her tomb (like the others) had probably no visible part above ground level, at least after a while when sand had covered it all up, and the stela was a way to mark it.

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