Heavy tank

Weight: 52 tons
Length: 10,6/7,04 m
Height: 2,43 m
Width: 3,57 m
Armor: 20-250 mm
Gun: 122 mm
Engine: 12/520 kW
Speed: 42 km/h
Range: 250 km
Crew: 4
IS-10 (also called Object 730) was the last tank in the IS series.
During the development versions had the names IS-8 and IS-9.
After Stalin's death in 1953 the name changed to T-10. Type 1 produced 1954-57. Total production unknown. A, B and the M-versios in 1962. 1963 equipped for under water driving to a depth of 5 m. Speed of fire was slow (3-4 shells/min) because the shells were devided and had to be put together before loading. The gun was rather immobile upwards. Until 1980 the best protected Soviet tank and a T-10 shell could penetrate 45 mm thick amour at a range of 2 km. The M-model had ABC-protection and infrared seeker for combat at night. It went out of service in 1993.
T-10 photos and drawings